Poppy21 Face and Eyes Multi Use Palette 1 pc

Brand from Taiwan: Poppy21. Strictly select 12 colors of fine mineral powder, add sweet almond oil, mango jojoba make the makeup feel long lasting, adhere to silky good smudge, a touch of high color, Create perfect easily. A palette covers blush, contouring, highlighting, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow nose multi purpose to freely match your mood. How to use: Just apply an appropriate amount to area or face.


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Kanebo The Limited Eyeshadow Select EX 2 EX 2

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. A color palette packed with energetic desires to complete an aggressive smart face. A set of 4 colors different textures. Can also be used as eye shadow, cheek, color, eyebrow. How to use: By layering the colors, you can a sharp impression. Take A on thick side of your finger or tip spread it on entire eyelid outer corner of lower eyelid. B on of stack it so that inner of is surrounded by a dogleg. C on thin of put it in


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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Sun Base 45ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Benefits: Provides the benefits of base makeup sunscreen with UV filter of SPF50 PA . Its light texture helps to boost skin hydration leaving a luminous dewy look after application. How to use: 1. Apply a proper amount evenly on face basic care routine. 2. Layer up on areas like cheekbones nose bridge for better UV protection.


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Kao Blaune Hair Color Foam 1NS Natural Sheer Ash 108ml

Brand from Japan: Kao. Since the foam spreads, there is no dyeing left on back or inside. The turns into a cream just by rubbing it, so it adheres penetrates without leaning even while unattended. Dye gray hair deeply to make it evenly beautiful. Smooth moist texture as you finger. Contains protection ingredients (hydrolyzed silk liquid, soft lanolin fatty acid). Includes repair treatment. For delicate after coloring. Repair damaged cuticles your


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Kose Esprique Select Eye Color N Jewelry Box 10g 3 Types

Brand from Japan: Kose. A jewelry box like eye color palette that allows you to freely combine various colors textures to create gorgeous eyes. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on the attached tip or fingertip spread it lightly on eyelids.


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Dr.Select Mineral Powder Foundation Honey With Refill 1 pc

Brand from Japan: Dr.Select. Smooth powder covers the anxious troubles naturally leads to a clear skin color. It prevents makeup comes off, fine bright texture lasts day long. This foundation protects ultraviolet rays, also a beauty ingredient for brightening care is contained.


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Kose Natu Savon Select Body Wash White & Rich Moist Refill 360ml 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Kose. Benefits: Foaming body wash soap contains various botanical ingredients to thoroughly cleanse skin while leaving it hydrated. Formulated with almond oil, olive fruit shea butter to provide moisture to skin. Rose & Magnolia version comes in rose magnolia scents. Yuzu & Honey in yuzu honey How to use: When showering, dispense an appropriate amount on a bath sponge or towel the body. Rinse off warm water.


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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Foam Cleanser 180ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. A mild cleansing foam for men featuring premium Hanbang formula that gently removes impurities, dirts dead skin cells, restoring healthy with vitality. How to use: 1. Form a desired amount of cleanser by rubbing in wet hands. 2. Massage onto face rinse thoroughly warm water.


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The History of Whoo Jungyooncho Multi Youth Essence Special Set 3 pcs

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Jungyooncho Multi Youth Essence Special Set comes with: 100ml Cleanser 40ml Pouch 1pc Essence: Formulated Irish thistle six enhancing ingredients to provide a 6 in 1 comprehensive care for the skin. Enhances elasticity reduces wrinkles. Light refreshing texture helps deliver nutrients into Cleanser: functional cleanser can be used face, body hair. Provides hydration its dense foam. Contains hydrophilic


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MEZE 99 Classics Noyer Or

Le casque audio Meze 99 Classics dispose de coques en noyer véritable conteannt des HP de 40 mm minutieusement accordés. Pas de colle. pas de plastique : tout est de la plus haute qualité ! Confortable. il fourni avec deux câbles détachables (3m et 1.2m télécommande). Excellent rapport prix performances !


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